Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Back to the Thin Lead Line.

 It is going to take a while to get over the current and continuing  political/ financial turmoil but I suppose we have to start somewhere. Picking up the pieces I mean
 Now as it happens I've received a list of up and coming new packs from Blue Moon which I expect to have in August- hopefully in time for Claymore but certainly in time for Partizan
 this lot reads so far as follows.

Blue Moon 15mm

15NMB-08  Bavarian Generals (5 mounted) 
15NMW- 15 Wurttemburg Generals (5 mounted) 
15NMX-12  1808-1809 Saxon Generals (5 mounted) 

15NMX-38  1810-1814 Saxon Generals (5 mounted) 
15NMB-03 Bavarian Light Infantry Cimmand
15NMW-07 Wurttemburg Foot Artillery in Helmet
15NMW-09 Wurttemburg Horse Artillery in Helmet
15NMW-11 Wurttemburg Chevaux Leger
15NMW-12 Wurttemburg Chevaux Leger Command
15NMW-13 Wurttemburg Mounted Jaegers /Chasseurs with Command
15NMW-14 Wurttemburg Dragoons with Command

Grandscale 10mm

 Seven Years War.
SYW-112 Prussian Freicorps
SYW-113 Prussian Jaegers
SYW-204 Austrian Grenz

Prices will of course depend to an extent upon the exchange rate and the bank rate. Prices may have to go up a quid a bag  across the board for the larger packs perhaps 50p for the smaller ones. As always I'll keep price rises to a minimum - and avoid them if I can.

The following day
 I've also received a largish list of new Vehicles for Command Decision  bot WW2 and Modern
 Much of the WW2 are Russian but the list(Various BT type tanks and variants) also includes a good number of US vehicles such as the locust light tank..
 The modern vehicles are  US models- such as M-60  but also include M-109 SPG variants.
 In total there are 38 new packs of tanks .

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