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Wednesday 15 June 2016

More Russian Goodness

 Here are a couple of photos of Drabant's latest releases which I'll be adding to the website as soon as I get stock.
 These are Cumans and are well up to the standard we have come to expect from Drabant.

PS. I've just been informed that some Alans are also on the sculpting table. Needless to say Photos when I have them and stock in hand as soon as I can get them . I'm currently awaiting a re-supply from Russia which , hopefully will contain these goodies as well as re- stock of  much of the rest of the Dark Ages range . I'm pretty low on these currently as they have been moving just a tad .... 


  1. These figures look great! lots of detail - my favorite is the Heavy (chainmail) Horse archer....can be used/painted as other nations too?

    1. I'd assume so many of these Eastern tribes were quite similar in dress and tactics

    2. you are right, most if not all, Eastern European nations were influenced by invading middle eastern tribes/nations. One example are the Georgian's copied/used Islamic Persians equipment during their wars against the Alans, Khazzar, Armenians, Nikephorian and Konstantinian Byzantines, Seljuq Turks, Anatolian Turkoman and Syrians to name a few :o) ...anyway.. if you have the time take a look at my DBA 15mm Cumans, Georgian, Byzantine and other Armies.