Friday, 2 September 2016

Reconditioned Regiments.

About a coupel of years ago I bought a load of ECW models from DC- he of Unfashionably shiny fame !  Some at least of these  had been Peter Gilders. Others had been Duncan MacFaralnes. I've been working through them giving them a bit of TLC where needed.
Most of these figures are at least 30 years old and knowledge then was a little more sparse than it is now, so which regiement is what can be problematic. Nevertheless I opted to keep them as stylistically close to the era they were made as I could.So I left the fictional- but very pretty hand painted flags where they were.
Colonel Mythical Smith's regiment of Foote. Garrison Pikemen Hincliffe Musketeers and Command. Beautifully painted but totally fictitious flags.
These units are of course products of their time (the later 1970's) so by todays standards are perhaps not as visually accurate as they would be if I made them now. .

A regiment of Greencoat foot.  .
The Greencoats seem to be parts of two smaller units as the 2 groups of pikemen do not fit together. Maybe in time I'll add to them or split them into 2 units. The important thing here for me is that I retain ther 1970s style.
 As it happens these lads and many others will be on the table for the next T.W.A.T.S. meeting  about a week from now. 


  1. I knew i'd passed them on to the right man! It's nice to see them getting some TLC eventually. Coincidentally the first thing that struck me when i first got them was how finely painted most of the flags were - my references were strictly Gush and Asquith, so i didn't know any better on the accuracy front. I hope you'll post more pics as you work through the collection.

  2. Very nice - a vintage delight

  3. Thanks for your kind words lads- These chaps will be punching it out at the next T.W.A.T.S game along with the rest of the collection and my singlr Les Higgins Jason regiment. A report will doubtless appear here.
    The cavalry needed less work but I still have a bundle of Cuirassiers to check over.

  4. Fabulous figures Andy. It's great that they have gone to a good home

  5. There is a pic of the Kings Lifeguard of Foot on the post "I can't get my head around this" and I did post some pics of the cavalry a while back. I've also painted a couple of small units of horse in the same style- well as close as I can get !