Friday, 12 May 2017

Drabant Does It Again.

I've just had some more news from  those fine chaps in Russia, Drabant miniatures.  My next shipment will include some new releases.
 The  E range- Nomadic Horse People will have Pechengs added
The Pechengs 

 Tallifer will be added to the Normans

Tallifer- another Norman personality.

and a new pack of Saxons will replace the old A2801 pack with some really smart active figures.
 Anyhow judge for yourselves as here are the pictures.
The new Saxons

As you can see they are well up to the Drabant standard.
 The new Saxons will mix with A2807 the shieldwall to make a pretty impressive unit . I may be even tempted back into the Dark Ages myself.
 I'm actually tempted to  sell my 40mm Viking and Normans and replace them with these fantastic models or maybe I'll just add some to the collection


  1. The animation is superb - gives a really good suggestion of how a shieldwall might have looked.

  2. Replies
    1. I now have stock of these- also some Picts which are very new. Reports of Drabant's demise seem to be somewhat premature!!

  3. I'm also told that Drabant are doing some Picts- but I don't have any photos yet.
    This is shaping up into a cracking range as Nick expands it,