Friday, 22 September 2017

A Perfect Storm(ing)

 The appearance of a photo of Todd Fishers amazing Storming of the Tuiilieries  game in the most recent WI causwed me to dig out my one and only copy of the now defunct US magazine Historical Gamer with its article written by Jim Purky on that splendid game.
 Now as I've said previously I was involved in that I built Paris.... well 36 square feet of it  for that game. Ian Weekly built the actual palace and 2 other chaps whose names escaped me until I re-read the article also supplies building and scenery for the game namely Duke Siefried who constructed the gardens and Herb Gundt who provided the posher bits of upper crust Paris that I didn't do . No my job was the festering slums of the Sans Cullottes and it was a far far better thing than I ever did - up to that point anyhow.
 But rather tha go on  here is the picture that started this current trian of thought and following is the article from Historical Gamer

The photo which appeared in the current Wargames Illustrated- no 360. The picture is at least 26 years old.
 We knew how to wargame back in the old days !!

  It is now over a quarter of a century since the game was played. Now as it happens I didn't play but I know cos I was there- with paint and glue all over my fingers.
 Wouldn't have missed it.


  1. Love it! And you're right. Not enough hobbyists play wargames in the old way anymore.

    Best Regards,


  2. They were wise men who said that 'quantity has a quality all of its own'. That must have been spectacular to see!

    1. Marschall Zhukov I think. Yes it was pretty spectacular and the quality wasn't half bad either.
      I still fancy doing some kind of "Revolting mob" type of scenario or mini campaign.

  3. That is pretty darned good company to be in for all involved and a spectacular end result.

    My head tells me that mob and foes equated to painting something like 60 figures a week for 78 weeks. Wonder what he did in his spare time?

    Oddly, I don't remember ever seeing/hearing of this magazine before. Early, early almost pre-internet days, when one depended so much on local booksellers and hobby shops.

    1. Ross the issue I have is no 13 so it lasted longer than some.
      As it happens- coincidentally I'm having sa magazine clearout at the moment- and it will be almost entirely post 2000 magazines in the bin. I'm keepeing the older ones from the time when most wargamers were adults at least some of the time.

  4. Thanks for the nostalgia trip Andy - those were the days - Todd’s megalomania made my ego seem tame by comparison 😂