Friday, 5 January 2018

Old Glory Miniatures UK of Facebook

Well I've finally done it- though I've no real idea why  Old Glory Miniatures UK has a facebook page of that title. Quite where I'm going with that I have, so far, no clear idea - except as an advertising billboard. Also I will use it as a page to disseminate news about Old Glory products- in addition to here and the Old Glory Newsdesk on the OGUK Website.
 For some reason I now also have a personal facebook page as Andrew Copestake- since  farebook shut me out of my Andy Copestke on over a year ago.
Social media is frankly a two edged sword so I have no ideawhere, if anywhere, this will lead.
 One thing is for sure time on Farcebook of whatever colour will be strictly limited as it is not real and does not server beer !!


  1. ....and following... w.r.t ehat the hell it's all about, you cracked it.. for me Facebook is the ideal platform for "an advertising billboard. Also I will use it as a page to disseminate news about Old Glory products"... no more, no less...

  2. Yep, the lack of decent beer is alarming!

  3. Have you run into Facebook wanting to charge to place ads on people's timelines, or are you just putting the page up there and leaving it?

    1. Yes I've run into the "boost your post" charges etc so they can whistle. Lets face it the whole point of Farcebook is to make cash for people who already have more than they can ever use any politically correct "good effects" are entirely subsidiary to that aim. Unfortunately appearance on social media is now expected. It is part of the repetitive tedium of modern life.
      As for the Old Glory page I will add useful pics and news notices as I can. Not sure where I'll go with my Andrew Copestake page as I don't want it to be
      a - a clone of this blog
      or worse
      b pictures of my dinners .... or other trite everyday crap.- Who cares !!

    2. So no pictures of beef butties at the next game? How dare you not be a social media sheep!!! :-)

    3. Baa Baa . I'm a sheep worrier- - Mint sauce mint sauce !!

  4. I have a page, that I use just to access other FB sites. SO I don't update mine very often, use it just to store some photos, and to piss off my Brother in Law. It has 3 "friends" - one who started me off by wanting to link me in some photos, one is the BiL to share car photos, and one is an old colleague that I cannot keep track of through job changes without FB. No desire to use it "as intended".

    SO I am hoping you keep this blog going as I prefer blogs to FB - I can find old posts easier in blog-land.