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Tuesday 2 January 2018


Happy New Year Chaps
 So here we are again at the start of another year 2018  well it should be interesting - just like the Chinese curse probably knowing the bunch of self centred halfwits we have to govern us.
 However on to happier things.
 I've finally decided how to present the Indian Mutiny collection I had. It is pretty small at the moment but it will grow as I have at least 2 more unbased units to add to those in the pictures with other stuff needing a bit of refurbishment.
 Not really thought about rules yet but my mind does shy away from the samey-gamey small unit knowledge free skirmish-a Likes that seem to be the popular way these days. Not my style at all  even though I'm a long way from dismissing low level small action games out of hand.
 However the photos show the first fruits of my current thoughts- again using sabot bases which I'm quite taken with

Mutineer Infantry- all from the Old Glory 25/28mm range.
Mutineer gunner are on the painting table and I can see I ned to buy a bundle of new bases from Warbases at Varnartak in feb - where I will of course be trading as per usual.

Individual models - all from the same pack as it happens..
I have some British troops to rebase so I'm actually not a million miles away from having enough for a small game.
 However as far as the T.WA.T.S. are concerned I rather think it will finally after at least 2 false starts- shinyloo first.

Close up of the Sabot bases- 16figs to a base in this case though I will also use smaller ones as well. 


  1. Lovely infantry units, great job!

  2. Thanks Phil- Nest up some gunners then some cavalry.

  3. Consider using ‘Men Who Would Be Kings’; they can handle much larger games than the 40-120 figures per side scenarios provided, and are easy to tweak to give a bit more period feel while retaining a slightly Hollywood/Heroic/Flashman style.

  4. I agree with sjwalker51; The Men Who Would Be Kings would be ideal.

  5. I doubt if I'm going to be bitten again by that particular Osprey bug MWWBK is out of the same silly stable as Lion Rampant and Pikemans Lament both of which are to an extent twaddle- especially PL and I regret wasting the cash on them both.
    I may try the Sword and the Flame- which I have or possibly Black Powder- after a bit of butchery for larger actions. At need I will start from the ground up and produce a retro set with some historical basis rather than use just another "game" produced by someone who knows little or nothing about the actual campaigns.

  6. I have just read the review on the "Dust Tears and Dice" blogand although the writer likes the game the review makes it even less likely I'll use it. Reasons? Exactly the same as for pikemans lament- small unit sizes and set unit sizes all slaved to a notional points system. Everything I hate all in one little game !