Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Italian Wars and other arrivals

 Finally after a week stranded in Gateshead my  latest shipment from the USA has arrived. Aside from the restock I needed it contained the first tranche of Blue Moon's new Italian Wars range.
 Now biased as I am these are a bit special. So far I have perhaps 20 packs out of a 60 plus pack range and I hope to get the next release in stock before Salute.
 These are large 15mm - so 18mm really by today's nomenclature. The couple I have actually measured are 17mm from base surface to eye level.
 The list with photos of the available packs will appear on the website  under the Blue Moon section in the next few days as soon as the Web Mistress  does the deed. US prices are a little higher than the standard packs so these will also have to be a tad bearer- so a 30 fig pack will be £15.00 inc VAT other packs in proportion
 So far I have both Landknects and Swiss  .Command and pikemen and artillery crews. More news as I dig them out of the crates.

 I also have the first of the Blue Moon French Napoleonic Imperial Guard- Old Guard Grendiers and Chasseurs a Pied. together with an American 6 pdr for the War of 1812

All of these new packs are now activated and available 21 packs of Italian Wars(more to come) 2 packs of French Imperial Guard and a pack of American 6pdr guns for the Warv of 1812.

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