Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Same old same old- all over again.

You know it must be just me. I wonder how many times you have to say the same stuff to the same people. Has the internet age made people thicker- seemingly almost by the day?
 This goes for all walks of life not merely wargaming- though it does seem to happen an awful ot  here. I'm still quite often stunned by the total lack of basic knowledge people have about stuff that supposedly interests them. Simple things such as Napoleonic  wargamers not having the foggiest about basic troop organisations- companies in a battalion and the difference between centre and Flank companies  and that sort of basic stuff.
 Now to be fair some of this is because they come from the fantasy/gaming end of the hobby rather than the knowing stuff/historical end as I do  but sometimes the urge to scream
 is almost uncontrollable. But of course you don't. You explain yet again how it actually was as well as you are able. You try to point them in the right historical direction and hope that the "game" they wish to play does not utterly mangle the history as is so often the case these days and that just possibly in time the poor chap will get a glimmering of understanding and hopefully enjoy the bits of the hobby that do not involve dice rolling.
 But the repeating yourself- well It is just like dealing with a government department (only a little easier than that continuously onerous and thankless task. Where DO they get the staff? No that is not fair either . The staff are usually helpful if you can talk to one but the actual organisation makes actually contacting the correct department on the correct web page almost impossible. It is as if they want to discourage you.. but that HAS to be wrong. Doesn't it? )
 Now granted my cynicism knows no bounds based upon actual experience but you do sometimes wonder .....

Any how Salute is less than a month away so things should brighten a bit as the 14th April approaches. As usual I probably won't get to see much  as I will be far too busy on stand TB16- make a note of it chaps ! (PLUG) We will be taing all of our usual show ranges including the fantastic new Blue Moon Italian Wars range. In addition to those I have in stock already I am expecting a second tranche of another 10 or so packs. Arquebisiers, Crossbowmen and the frst of the Spanish . Needless to say I will let you know both here and on my Facebook pages.

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