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Saturday 7 April 2018

This time next week the mayhem begins

Well this time next week the doors at Salute will be opening and the mayhem commencing. of course we will be there will a ton of soldiers from around half a dozen different makers
 to whit
 Old Glory., Blue Moon ,Sash and Saber, Drabant, True North, Raven Banner Games and my own Fireforce Miniatures.
I still have a major interest in the ECW. Always will have. 

 Now due to space restrictions I don't think I'll have room for the Aircraft this year- they have been pushed out by the New Blue Moon Italian Wars range but if there is space I'll take them. Nevertheless that is an awful lot of stuff in different styles and scales by different makers and designers. Variety is the spice of life- at least I have always thought so.
Individually made conversion on 40mm models- I'm keeping these. 

Models or Dice Rolling?

Despite this units appearence on the cover of Miniature Wargames some years ago it may be time to move these and the rest of the 40mm Napoleonic collection on. 

 I do like different style and types of models in my armies. I'm really not a fan of homogeneous blandness at all . The models are the thing- that is what you put the money and effort into what happens to them afterwards is a different matter. Most will get used on the table - but I have some units in my collections that have not fought for years and indeed may get moved on to be replaced by other units that may- or indeed may not  see dice rolled in anger.. It is a bit like a conveyor belt- New stuff comes on at one end whilst other stuff moves out at the other as interests change and develop. Some things stay constant- such as my interest in the ECW . BUT my interest in the ACW has waned somewhat as has the Dark Ages. Also focus changes over the years as ideas new to you appear. Hence the "shinyloo" collection which did not exist 10 years ago so maybe it is time to move the 40mm Napoleonic collection on. Certainly I'm thinking about it. Likewise the 40mm Dark Ages collection - one of the smaller groups which I enjoyed making but they have never- so far fought.
 Bit of a shame reallv but there you go.
The 40mm British Napoleonic  which oppose the French.
At least the 40mm Napoleonics have had a couple of outings and the 40mm ACW several more but as scope and focus changes then so does the emphasis of my various collections.

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