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Saturday 21 April 2018

When the Overflow Gets To Your Bottom Lip .

On my Farcebook page recently I posted that I was finally putting many of my 40mm figure up for sale as I simply don't use them anymore. The Napoleonic and ACW forces have not rolled a dice in anger for at least 4 years. It may be even longer the Napoleonic have not been out in force sine the Derby show at the University- even if I have added a few models since then with the intention of fighting small action or affairs of about a brigade a size - like Cacabellos  for instance. However in the intervening time my tastes have changed   I'm back into pike and shot in a big way- especially the ECW -with a side order of TYW and Ottoman Turks. My Napoleonic urge has found its home in  "shinyloo"  and I'm afraid I've lost interest in the ACW almost completely. But I want to increase my Indian Muting and other Colonial era forces.
 So in order to create space for more toys that I will actually use (more ECW cavalry for a start- see the post on Winceby Fight) then stuff I don't use will have to be moved on.
 Now I mentioned this on my Facebook page and a couple of chaps said- via messenger- how sad it was that I was selling stuff- well Hey Dude its my Job!  (Though that is not quite what they meant) Also in the next sentence one of 'em then tried to sell ME some of HIS that he no longer required ... Still trying to work that one out ...

 So currently the 40mm ACW and 40mm Napoleonics are up for Sale - though I do have to actually count all the Napoleonics to arrive at a price the numbers are similar to the ACW- though with more mounted figures and including a Spanish Ox drawn gun and limber .  I also have a smaller collection of 40mm Dark Ages- mostly Vikings with some Normans which look more than likely to be added to the mix. All are painted to a pretty high standard and some have appeared in the pages of WI- some years back and more recently MW. The ACW collection includes buildings and fences- 2 of the building being hand built by me. As it says on the Facebook page offers in the region of £1600.00 for

Confederate 93 foot 4 mounted Officers 1 gun 6 crew 6 casualty markers- stiffs  total 110 pieces
 Infantry in 3 units
104  infantry in  sort  of 6 units of which 3 are less than a dozen men each including a 10 fig Drabant unit and 6 Berdan’s sharpshooters . Otherwise all figures in both forces are Sash and Saber.
4 mounted officers 1 gun 6 crew 6 stiffs total 121 pieces

1 clapboard house 1 barn – both scratch built by me and 1 resin cabin  from Sash and Saber and around 5 feet of Sash and Saber fencing.
 All in 40mm .
Interested chaps can contact me via messenger on Facebook or by email on 

 One of the slight downsides of running a toy soldier business is that you do end up with a number of ex-display units and small forces- not really large enough for armies on their own so for instance I have about 30 or so 40mm Zulu War British and Zulus  A fair bundle of 28mm  French in Egypt including some Corps Dromedaire- as well as about 50 assorted Mamelukes and Cairo Janissaries- all well painted and all in 28mm  I also have about 20 or so painted Pirates- never going to use them as the period does not interest me. There are doubtless other odd units here and there. I'm sure I have 3 WW2 Japanese tanks somewhere and a load of 10mm Saracens for the crusades. Oh and a 10mm Swiss pike block  most of these are on here somewhere or on the OGUK website and the likelehood of 'em ever being used is pretty small .
 All these in addition to the "official company collection" which you see in the display case at shows. 
 What is a chap to do ?
Answes on a neatly folded £50.00 note ..... 


  1. Lord knows I have sold off enough of my stuff in the past, so I understand your desire to sell off your collection. Still, that seems like a perfect sized force for some skirmish gaming with "Chosen Men" or "The Men Who Would Be Kings."

    1. Yes they would as the orgiginal idea was for company / battalion level smallis actions with proper command and in the noughties we played quite a bit with various sets of rules- Including a version of Ross MacFaralne's "With Macduff to the Frontier " .
      I've sold stuff in the past and only regretted it later a couple of times. Most notably my Wellingto in India and my 3 Musketeers/TYW French but all the rest over the year Vikings Rebublican Romans Hundred Years War etc. etc, no regrets. Times change and you move on. I'll hopefully think that way when the time comes to sell OGUK and retire. That time is not yet but maybe I can see it from here and this year I have certainly - for the first time- started to think about the possibility.

  2. Hi Andy, I fully understand why you are selling some stuff off as I have done it myself for years! My attitude is that it's better for the figures to be enjoyed and used than just sitting for months on end in boxes.

    Those ACW's are really nice, I thought the price looked a bit steep until I realised they were 40mm Doh! I'm very tempted myself Andy, I'll finally have a decent sized permanent wargame room here in Spain so 40mm could really work and they are such lovely figures. Would they make the journey safely do you think?


    1. Yes they are 40mm and it does include a fair bit of scenery indeed add a few trees and away you go. Shipping may be a bit of an issue more especially for the buildings but it would be possible