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Thursday 17 May 2018

Day -glo Dog of many pieces>>

I've had the latest Miniature Wargames magazine for almost a week now  but it has taken me quite some time to get over the shock.
Let me explain
 Taped to the front cover was a FREE GIFT apparently  WORTH £17.00 WOW!!  in Day- Glo visi -vest orange no less enough to  spike the eyeballs at 20 yards.
 What I hear you ask was this colourful wonder. Who was giving away the £17.00.
Needless to say the hyperbole did not in any shape of form match the actuality .
 What was actually on the cover was some kind of plastic thingy for yet another of those seemingly endless skirmish -a -likes. Thos one called Wild West Exodus. Which I've only previously noticed due to the loud screaming childishness of it magazine adverts- more  overpriced crap for the kiddies  thought I moving swiftly on.
Some of my 28mm Old Glory Jacobite Highlander- The Stewarts of Appin
 So here we have a collection of plastic bits which supposedly make up into "gun-dog" - that is neither pointer ,setter or Labrador and indeed is not a dog at all but some kind of model robotic quadruped in about 20 bits- the sprue has 31 parts but there seems to be some alternative builds to judge by the 3 pages of the mag devoted to the assembly and painting of this"little gem" . £17.00 - bugger off perhaps 17p maybe even a quid at the price of some of this fantasy plastikrap but do not pull my plonker I did not fall out of the idiot tree yesterday ....
Jacobite High Command.
The Royal Eccossois

However once past this screaming dross and its other assorted infomercials(an exclusive interview(who cares) and and exclusive new scenario {bore-o-meter already on 11})we don't actually have a bad magazine. Of actual articles there are several including Jon Sutherland refighting Agincourt, Alex Webster on the Jacobite rising of 1745 (always interesting to me)  and Dave Tuck and Malc Johnston on the Boers battles against the Zulu. Add to that Robert Piepenbrinks WW2
article- Ardennes both 1940 and more famously 1944 and Diane Sutherland on using railways on the table and there is actually reading matter here for people who don't normally use their fingers for the long words. The usual review colums are as always useful and only my constant request to drop the pointless club guide in the internet age needs to be repeated yet again to complete  a review of a magazine which should not under any circumstances be judged by its cover.


  1. I'm guessing you're not going into "Bunnies and Badgers" (or whatever) either ?

    1. You guess right Joe I am no longer 6 years old. I really do wonder how popular all of these same-gamey skirmish - a -likes actually are and who plays them.

  2. Over on Bob Cordery's 'Wargames Miscellany' he gives this mag a similar review - and a comment points out that the 'gun dog' really DOES retail for £17.00 - oh dear. I do agree though - once over that shock, it's actually quite a decent issue. I just ignore the middle pages, mostly.

    1. "'kinelle" is really all I can say. Any sucker that actually spend real money of that plastikrap really does need medical help.
      I don't mind some of the middle page stuffas I quite like the odd bit of sci-fi. My main roblem with the sci-fant hobby is its current narrow focus on individual games. For a genre that is in theory all about imagination that facet is alarmingly absent and has been replace by "lets do another samey-gamay skirmish-a-like" but in a different box . Looks like some of the historical hobby is going that way as well.

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