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Thursday 10 May 2018

Carronade this coming Saturday.

 This coming Saturday May 12 will see OGUK at Carronade . This is a splendid club show in Falkirk- Scotland that is ! At its usual venue of the
28mm Ottoman Turks 
More Turks- Spahi or Suvallieri.

 We will be taking all of our usual show stock in 10mm 15mm 18mm and 28mm  including ranges from
 Old Glory
 Blue Moon
Sash and Saber 28mm ACW
 Raven Banner Games 28mm ACW
and Drabant.
 as always the"6 for5" deal will be in operation and although it is a bit late you can still get a pre-order in if you are quick
28mm Wars of Religion.

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 Deadline will be 3.00 pm tomorrow afternoon as after that the van will be getting loade up for a very early start on Saturday morning
18mm Colonials from the HUGE Blue Moon range.
10mm Napoleonic.
18mm Napoleonic- Blue Moon''s Huge range - of course you might prefer to call them 15mm 
Drabant 28mm Dark Ages 
Old Glory Second Edition AWI regiment packs
Old Glory 25/8 mm Colonials 
Another shot of the Wars of Religion range, 
28mm Medieval- these are Wars of the Roses but there will be Hundred Years War too.
 Command Decision. 15mm WW2
1/600th Pre-dreadnaught naval
Raven Banner 28mm ACW

 The photos show ranges we will definitely have at the show. Of course there will be loads of other ranges too.  Including every pack of Blue Moon  15/18mm we have and every pack of 15mm Command Decision WW2 and Moderns as well. After all we will be bringing a ton of little  metal men and equipment.  to the show.
 See you in Scotland
 Andy OGUK


  1. Awesome minis, I do like your beautiful and colorful Ottomans especially...

  2. Thanks hil. I can see I'm going to have to do some more. Artillery next- when I get round to it.