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Thursday 6 December 2018

Arrivals before Crimbo

The season of Good Cheer is upon us so they tell me. Believe it when I see it myself!  Mostly it is a load of striped minty sweets!
However there is some good stuff about. This coming Monday UPS will be delivery a HUGE 20 box/crate Resupply to me from the USA. This should mean that loads of chaps waiting for stuff will have their patience rewarded. It had taken a while. I ordered  the bulk of this lot in mid October the added to it in Early November. In the meantime the USA had Fall-in- the show then the bloody mid-terms then thanksgiving all of which held the job up somewhat. Frustrating thinks I!!
 However all now appear well so on Monday begins the mammoth task of unpacking, sorting and despatching all the toys chaps are waiting for . Nit to mention putting together the next order which will go off just before Crimbo to arrive in time- hopefully- for the York show at the beginning of February
 Will I manage a few days off over Crimbo .Dammed right I will  though doubtless our Gloriuos Government will want its say about that bloody paperwork- and now they want to make it all digital- so it takes longer and they have more control over your every breath.


  1. Rubbing my hands together with glee Andy..... let's hope you don't do your back in again with this lot!

    1. 20 boxes including a HUGE chunk of 40mm much of it spoken for. Loads of other stuff. My run up to Crimbo is going to be a bit busy I think