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Monday 24 December 2018

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas- HUMBUG! (or maybe not)

Well Dudes and Dudettes it is that bloody time of year again. The Crimbo madness is upon us. Not that I actually mind this of itself but when the adverts and shops start in bloody October it can get more than a bit much. So by the time I actually get to participate well, honestly I don't really feel like it. I need a rest thanks .
 However having said that and despite being over a week late posting due to work the T.W.A.T.S.  did get a meeting in last weekend- the 15th.  There were only 3 of us present myself Andrew the Tekkie and Mechanical Shaun and to be honest not a great deal of fighting took place in our refight of the Battle of Krimisos. An encounter between Syracusan Greeks and Carthaginians. There were several reasons for this of which more anon.
 However we started off with the best of intentions Shaun providing all of the troops and the initial idea for the game. I was umpire- although I started off as the Greek commander but Shaun - not knowing the Tactica system as well as I, was a bit unsure so I thought I'd Umpire in his stead. No worries.

The Greeks- all from Shauns splendid 15mm collection. 

 So we got going and the opening moves went well. The game was developing into a nice time and motion study. Could the Carthaginians get across the river and deployed before the outnumbered Greeks fell upon them and destroyed them  in detail?
Ehe Carthaginians- covered by thier chariots  try to form a battle line.

The Carthaginian Noble chariots (this was a pre-Hannibal army)  sorted out the Greek cavalry in short order giving Andrew time to deploy his Sacred Band and some other heavy foot in a battle line of sorts. The victorious chariots then unwisely charged some hoplites and came a bad second being destroyed in an untidy brawl which was not proper for such nobles- or so the social calender avowed!
The Greeks advace trying to close down the amount of space available for the Carthaginians to form up . The arrival of lucnh slowed everything down... 

At this point Lunch arrived. Now Landlady Jean had offered to prove we T,WA,T,S, with a suitable Christmas repast and since it would have been churlish to refuse we sat down and prepared to do said spread JUSTICE. A full 3 course dinner later- over the Coffee and Mince pies we decided that further physical movement was unwise in the extreme, at least for a while so play was suspended  whilst digestion took place.
At this point the weather intervened as an ice storm stuck NE England- a rare occurrence indeed and damned unpleasant as freezing rain struck already freezing surfaces and coated them in ice. Driving conditions were awful . So with some regret we decided to pack up and go home. Even packing up was tricky- ever tried carrying 300 hoplites over an uphill  ice rink. Not the easiest of tasks.
 Despite this turn of events we WILL retirn to Krimisos in the future . The battle has all the makings of a very refightable encounter .
 As always thanks go to Landlady Jean for here excelent catering and to Landlord Eric for the Consett Brewery's fine White Hot.
And Finally a bit of politically incorrect miniature seasonal cheers. Two 30mm Les Higgins Ladies - OOP since about 1973.

Right now I'm off to do a bit of Crimbo-ing - last day ans all that but what the Hell.  In the words of the great Noddy Holder 



  1. Merry Christmas, Andy! Have a shiny one.

    Best Regards,


  2. Great looking armies...and ladies! Merry Christmas!

  3. Thanbk you Gentlemen both- and a belated same to you Dudes . More shinyness is on the Table even as we speak !