Friday, 24 January 2020

Bengal Light Cavalry 1845

So here is a small unit of the 3rd Bengal Light Cavalry. Actually the 2nd Squadron. the finished unit will have at least three. The Sikh Wars and "Sepoy Army" project moves with glacial slowness but it moves.
 Figure are of course Old Glory 28mm  from the Sikh Wars range and all the figures come from one pack ASB-22 to be precise. I still have 4 more troopers to finish. The oversized flag is a repainted GMB napoleonic British one and the flag finial isa Raven Banner one- which I also sell.

3rd Bengal Light Cavalry. The Officer is in Full Dress.

I have wanted a "Sepoy Army" for many years as well as a selection of their enemies- of which the Sikhs were the most formidable perhaps. Finally it is starting to move that way.

Another shot of the 3rd

Add these to the other units I and Jim have and we will soon have enough for a small intro game. 


  1. Great looking cavalry, lovely blue shades!

  2. I understand your desire to build up this army Andy...I have a partially completed collection of OG Sikh wars Brits, intended for use in the first Afghan War of 1839, but other projects keep jumping ahead, and so they remain, several battalions of infantry but no cavalry or guns, patiently waiting in their boxes for a chance to one day get onto a gaming table!

    1. I have had several Sikh units done for years but no opposition . Finally the project moves just a little