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Saturday 4 January 2020

Too busy to Blog ... well almost

Well been a while since I wrote a proper blog post. Frankly what with Crimbo and trips to hospital and recovery from said trip there has not been a lot of time for fripperies. Figure painting especially has suffered and is likely to suffer for some time. However I did manage to get a few things added to a couple of projects over the last month or so. 
 So however slowly we progress - little by little but we progress.

30mm Retro AWI. A mixture of Stadden and Willie with a single PMD fifer I picked up somewhere. The flag is foil from a rather nice bottle of Pugliese. I could have used paper but that somehow did not suit the reto zeitgeist!! 
 Additions to the Retro AWI collection first. This is not yet a stand alone collection- unlike retro Napoleonic- aka "shinyllo" or the considerable retro ECW collection I have. I do have good numbers of unpainted figures but currently the painted collection is fairly small and so gets used with the  bigger "modern" AWI collection I have. Betweem the two groups there are enought units for a decent game  using either retro or modern style rules. I like British Grenadier as the modern set and possibly Charge ! or Featherstone for retro.
Another view of the infantry unit- which has more to be added. Sorry tht the rattlesnake looks more like frexh doggy -poo but it does not always go according to plan.

American dragoon in Hunting shirt. A willie 30mm  found in a secondhand job lot. 

Another of the dragoon. 

Not everything is "retro" style. These Bengal Light Cavalry are from the Old Glory 28mm Sikh Wars range. The pack includes command but they are still on the painting table. 

Another shot of 3rd BLC. They are in the pre- 1847 uniform 

 Otherwise the  EIC India collection is slowly  growing the very first of the 3rd Bengal Light Cavalry  for the First Sikh War - and earlier are done as are some Bengal Irregular Cavalry - shown in an earlier post. With my mate Jim also painting units this will be a new period for un in gaming terms though I have had my eye on it for years in terms of books and reading up on the period and of course on the Indian Army in  general. It is actually touch and go which bit of my library is the more extensive, India or the ECW, both have numbers of books. India covers a larger timespan with numbers of " sub- species" so it very probably the larger- though I have never counted.

Off to bloody hospital again later this month then will have to spend a small fortune on new glasses but there you go. Looking forward to Vapnartak in York in Feb- loads of new stuff that has never been to a show . At least three new ranges. More of that in a later post.


  1. Best of luck with the hospital, Andy, and Happy New Year.. love the retro AWI figures.. :o)

    1. Thanks Steve appreciate it. It is interesting to realise that the originals for all of those AWI were sculpted at least 40 years ago and in most cases at least 50 years ago or even longer. I bought my first lot of these secondhand in the bery ealy 1980s and they were old then.

  2. Keep trucking on Andy. Nice to talk to you again the other day. Hope 2020 is great for business for you mate :)

  3. I’m glad you’re in an a AWI frame of mind as I’m plotting some OG2 purchases... I bought some Willies (make your own jokes) in the eighties too but they were all so badly miscast I sent them back!
    Hope the health gets sorted out quickly & 2020 is a good ‘un.

    1. All should be ell after tomorrow. As for OG2 let me know when you are ready. I d keep some stock of that range