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Monday 20 April 2020

Austrian Uhlans and 30mm French

Despite being busy getting stuff  out so other isolated dudes can get some painting done I am trying to get a bit done myself.
 Finally finished these Austrian Uhlans for my 1809 project- "Shinynine" which , like most others, is barely moving at the moment.
 Also finished some more  30mm chaps for "Shinyloo". This collection is now knocking on the door of almost 400 figures though Gawd knows when they will roll a dice in anger again (I don't do solo, sorry but I simply don't see the point. I'd rather read up on future possibilities) but it will be nice to have more of them when they do.
 There will of course be more of these Uhlans. "Charge!" style games demand decent size units  rather than a few scattered remains but for now these are it as I need to get back to the Sikh Wars and India and these prety chaps were cluttering up my painting table.
The next group area unit of Imperial Guard for "shinyloo". Stadden 30mm with a couple of Willies hidden in amongst them.
And finally.....
 Some more stadden 30mm . This time French Voltigeurs again for "shinyloo" which regular readers will know is Napoleonic but using "Charge!" which I find really good for low-ish level Napoleonic games without all of the fiddling about that is so common with some modern rule sets.


  1. Colorful and lovely Austrian Uhlans...and, of course, great looking French!

    1. Thanks Phil. Appreciate your kind words- Stay well and safe

  2. Splendid looking French and I love the Uhlans!
    Best Iain

  3. look forward to seeing these in action at a future TWATS meeting they are looking lovely