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Monday, 13 April 2020

Isolation .... Busy

So I know plenty of chaps who are using the isolation and stay at home rules are  a reason to get some painting done. Personally I'd love to but it is not really happening. Why?- because I am shifting soldier out to customers who then get to paint  them while they are in isolation.

 I do have some half painted stuff on my table- some Austrian Uhlans for 1809 .and I did finish a few more items for "Shinyloo"- more TLC in a later episode !  But in general I am just a busy as normal - possibly a little more.
 Of course there are extra difficulties. We are only posting once a week to keep contact down  though I will do two post runs at absolute need- which is defined as "Shit I can't carry all these at once !"
 I am fortunate in having a splendid Post Office not more than half a mile away who take all my packages as currently I am not using couriers- sometimes this is a tad more expensive but what the hell - Get the stuff to the Dudes who have paid you.
 The only possible problem here is running out of stuff which is happening in a very few areas. I will be ordering from the USA as normal later this month but of course cannot tell when this shipment  will be able to be shipped. .
 Nevertheless we will keep going as long as we can. I still have about 200,000 soldiers in stock.

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  1. You are doing a sterling job under very difficult circumstances Andy, and I for one plead guilty to stockpiling metal so I don't run out!