Sunday, 15 November 2020

Fifty years and still looking good.

 A few pictures of my very few Les Higgins 30mm Jason cavalry. Mostly ECW and two Marlburians- both the same figure in different colour schemes. . These chaps have been out of production since the mid 1970s. They still stand comparison with many of todays models. .

ECW Cavalry by Les Higgins. These are the now unavailable 30mm Jason range- compatible with much of today's so called 28mm. 


 The chap on the grey horse is supposedly King William III. - Though the Les Higgins figure is actually Marlborough.

The two more or less identical castings together as Marlborough and William. 


  1. Splendid figures and photos!

  2. Very nice figure proportions and of man to horse proportion.

  3. Nice to see vintage stuff which stands up well to modern scrutiny.

    1. Quite a lot of it does especially when painted in a style that suits the model . Also it is nice to see different styles of figure rather than the repetitive perryclones you so often get these days.

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