Tuesday, 24 November 2020

Shinyloo quickie.

A few more shiny dudes finished means that this is now a four company French "regiment". Still some way to go- the rest of the Tete de Colonne for a start and for the look of the thing I want 5three centre companies at least. then with those and the Grenadier company the regiment will form an attack coloumn 2 companies wide and 2 deep. This should be pretty meaty under "Charge!"- which have become my go-to rules for gaming with this collection. Actual models are a mixture of Stadden  Hinchliffe/ Foremost and a few Connoisseur which last I have a bundle to paint.... when  I get the time .


  1. I enjoy your shinyloo posts, they’re very inspirational. I’m currently in the process of converting my entire napoleonic collection to play charge

    1. I hope you find it works as well as we did. There may- just may be a bit of tweaking around morale which is as it stands massively simplistic but any tweaks will be very careful as I do not want to change the balance .