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Sunday 21 March 2021

Sikh High Command and Bengal Horse Artillery.

There are chaps out there who, because of lockdown, are racing through their assorted armies painters arms going like a fiddlers elbow, churning out figures left right and centre.

 Well I'm not one of them. Not least because I spend quite a lot of time SUPPLYING unpainted figures to these chaps. Now I'm not complaining  but it does tend to mean that when I should be painting I don't have the mojo because I am  temporarily sick of the sight of the little lead gits .!

 However this does not last. So here are a couple of pics of the newest additions to the Sikh Wars project..

Sikh Officers.

 The Sikh High command are all Old Glory and are 3 of the 6 different models in the High command pack in the Sikh Wars range- 28mm - aswe are supposed to call them now. 

 The Bengal Horse Artillery are much older being old 30mm Willie casting I've had in hand for about 30 years, relics of a past attempt at the Sikh Wars along with a few 16th Lancers.

Bengal Horse Artillery- 5 old Willies ! 

 The gun is a rather newer Eagle figure piece- I like their artillery and anyone who is into Napoleonic or 7YW should check out their ranges. They do some nice stuff. I like their Danes and Spanish. 

However that is by the by- their guns fit in rather nicely with these 30mm models. 

OK now back to a bit of writing. 


  1. Lovely figures and scenery, beautiful and colorful!

  2. I do like these gun & crew. Much more natural looking.

    ((Probably not good to type "I like your Willie" figures on the net)

    1. Five old Willies of course may describe many wargames groups also!

  3. Thanks for that, I have also got two Willie BHA crews and I shall follow your lead to Eagle for the guns.

  4. It is always such a pleasure to see your completed figures. Such a wonderful painting style you have developed, regardless of the period in question.

    Best Regards,


  5. Thank you gentlemen all for your kind words.