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Monday, 5 December 2022

It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas - again and again.

Well Dudes it is that time of year once again.

 The time for nauseating sentimentality and culinary over indulgence . Yes Chaps and Chapeeses, Dudes and Dudettes it is Christmas once again - only seems like 6 months since the last one came by.

Now regular readers will know my opinion of much of the fol-de-rol and fiddle-de-dee of this time of year. Which bits I like and which bits cause me to wish for the magical appearance of an AK-47 in my hands -and yes I am aware of the irony in that statement- especially since we are supposedly now heading towards 'Christmas Magic'  Ah well.

No, as per usual Carole and I are looking forward to a few days off, a bit of P and Q to recharge the  worn down batteries.

So, to that end the last posting date will be  Tuesday December 20th. Now with the assorted postal strikes we cannot say stuff posted on that day will or indeed will not arrive in time- remember there is a strike  on the 23rd- but that is the last date in 2022 that I will be lugging a bag of parcels through the post office door.

Normal service will resume on January 4th 2023.

The website will still be open but no parcels will go out after the 20th December or before January 4th .

Don't know about you but I am looking forward to a bit of a breather. 

 So here's wishing you a very Merry Christmas (or indeed any other once religious now marketing holiday you may choose to celebrate)and here's hoping for a happy new Year.