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Sunday 30 January 2011

More From Les.

As regular readers will know I'm something of a fan of the work of Les Higgins who died almost 40 years ago. This makes his figures hard-ish to come by. His 20mm are available again both the ECW and Marlburians as are the 25mm Naploeonics- or at least some of them . However my favourites were always the 30mm Jason range- Marlburian and ECW. as A sculptor Les could show the modern dudes a thing or 3 though uniform knowledge was not as it is now and production was more difficult then than now as well . So all in all Les'gear was pretty special and back in the day they were far too pricey for me.
However I've now collected a good few both painted and unpainted- and By God were not 1960s painting styles... er well "different" some indeed very good but some of my Jasons will be going in the stripper. I have about 100 figs now perhaps a few less mostly ECW but with a very Few of the Marburians- including Marlborough- already on this blog.
These are one of the very few ranges of figures I can actually paint faster than I can buy!!
The 2 pictures show a couple of Roundhead officer types from the same basic figure and what is almost unit.Painted as the Guards in 1660 which is more or less how they looked despite being "ECW" at the time.As I said uniform knowledge was not then as now.
Nevertheless I love the delicacy of detail and proportion so absent in many of todays models. Also of course like all "proper" figures they are metal not 2nasty plastic" - Yes I'm a metal snob and proud !!


  1. They look great..i really like the looks almost like real material.
    Very nice sculpts,even for metal figures ;-)
    No, I have a large collection of metals...only a few painted though.

  2. The Les Higgins 20mm Marlburian figures were always my dream war games army. Sadly, when they were readily available, I couldn't afford them.

    I did manage to buy two mounted dragoons in 1972, from the lovely model soldier shop in Camden Passage (when I was on my honeymoon, would you believe, my first wife was a very understanding girl, bless 'er). The shop has long gone but I've still got the models.

    For me the Les Higgins models epitomised what Marlburian war gaming was about. The 'Blue Moon' 15mm Marlburians are very close and are lovely but perhaps a little too delicate.

    Cheers Andy

  3. Andy,

    Further to my last ~ you've said that the Les Higgins figures are available again.

    Where can you get them from, please? If you wouldn't mind letting me know via the following contact it would be appreciated:

    Sorry to be a pain ~ many thanks.