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Wednesday 5 January 2011

Uniforms and "accuracy"

Now the New Year is upon us and I'm back at work slaving over a hot casting machine but I did manage to complete a few figures for my personal collection . Mostly 40mm 7YW Brits pictured here. I have- unusually for me based them singly on round bases for Charge type game both in Europe and more approriately in America where marching along they stand a rreasonable chance of getting a right "Braddocking" until their supporting light troops get painted.
However When I recieved these from one of my painters he'd done them in the White smallclothes Braddock had made for his 2 regiments- nothing wrong with that but I re-painted them red so I could use them for other units. This made me think a bit about wargamers and accurate uniforms- where we know them of course- My painter had made several simple errors- no facing colour on the sergeants sash indeed the sashes were closer to purple than red or crimson Officers lace was not consistant- he used both gold and silver seemingly at whim. This kind of stuff is not uncommon I always ask a painter if he has the info he needs but its not always enough. In the past I've had some true corkers- Parrot green ECW "Greencoats" French line infantry of 180 with red lapels and once a mud- brown elephantand an Iron Grey horse with yellow mane and tail . Certainly enough to make you wonder if all painters can actually read. Now most of the painter I use know their stuff or will ask so its not a problem- these 40mm came as part of a deal I did and were a long time coming. I have about another 20 or so hatemen to deal with plus a few others I picked up on ebay to go into the same unit - should be 4 companies when finished - maybe 5 . So while most of the lads I use- Jim the painter Tony Runkee Northumbrian painters etc know what they are about Ido have to keep awake.
Nevertheless making models "accurate to source" is important for my historical soul even if they campaign in fictional scenarios they have to look the part. Anyhow I can always make sure by painting them myself .


  1. I wouldn´t know wether they are Historically accurate or not, but I know that the paint job on these is really great.

  2. Paul Thanks for that I'm quite pleased with them once I ironed out the inaccuracies.