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Thursday 26 July 2012

Got 'em out !

Continuing from the previous post I finally managed to extract the pictures of our recent 10mm Malburian game using farmer DFavws collection .
the first picture is a general view of the field- British in the foreground the defending French huddling in the village and along their baseline.
The British advance to mask the village- expecting to take a bit of stick.
The French chuck in a cavalry charge on a disordered battalion but the Britsh second line tidies up. Odd rule I though cavalry can't apparently charge formed infantry- despite the fact that it happened all the time- Minden for a start and Ramilies I think . Perhaps room for a bit of tinkering here.
On the British Right the assualt goes in while the British cavalry fart about Sackville like (double 6).
The French retreat off the table covered by their guns- the British horsde don't get moving as fast as they should but the British have the day. Thefigures were all 10mm from Daves collection- mostly Old Glory with a few Pendraken french dismounted dragoons- you can see their yellow hats near the village..The basing suited the set unit sizes of BPand I'd certainly be more inclined to use them for smaller scale figures and larger less personalisedactions than 25-40mm where I want different parameters in a game. Whilst still not a complete convert BP does have its moments. It would just be a better product without the pretty rich boys showing off pages- about 2/3rds of the book.

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