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Monday 30 July 2012

Both Ends of the spectrum

It's been a hectic week and the coming week looks the same as I prepare for Claymore on Saturday. Nevertheless I'm still trying tio finish the odd soldier or two. Further yet I've actually painted some 15mm all by myself... These are the first short dudes I've painted in about 4 years- my last being a somewhat abortive attempt at a Greek Hoplite army using Xystron figures- fiddly little chaps nice though I managed 8 before I passed them over to Jim the Painter. That however is by the by these littel fellas were much easier.
These are Rhodesians from the early 70s- before they got all uniformed up. They could be RLI or SAS in the field regs were very lax until late 77.
The second pic is a little larger. These are 3 of my 40mm chaps 2 Romanoff and a mixture- The Officer beinga Jacdaw body with Sash and Saber head and Romanoff arms. All 3 have been re-based on 25mm round bases and have had battle damage touched up - occupational hazard with disply figs . As for rebasing Dave Huntly- Northumbrian Wargamer has a point its a pain but I never re-base merely because a ruleset says I should. I simply wanted a more elegant look to these figures.

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