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Saturday 7 July 2012

"Shinyloo" -an Occaisional Diversion

Now I'm not one of those single minded wargamer chappies who can start at one end of a silver mountain and with little painting arm going like a fiddlers elbow in the middle bit of the Bum of the Flytle bee paint an army to the exclusion of all else. One may admire these fellow doncha' know but they make you feel just a tad unconfortable- sipping their Ovaltine whilst they paint burning the misdnight oil to finish those Hoplites... One MAY admire but you wouldn't want to BE one- there are too many pubs, too many malt whiskies too much more world for that kind of malarkey. Which Gentle reader is merely a roundabot way of saying that even in Wargaming Terms I'm a bit if a Dilitante. I like doing different stuff.- So There. Which brings me to this small collection of figures. Picked up over the last few year in often shocking condition. It all started with a bundle of hard to find Minifigs 30mm figures - not common these days -separate arms and a bit fiddly.Then I aquired some Minot 30mm Grenadiers of the Guard and a few stadden Brits with a few Minot amongst them. What I thought to actually do with them. A retro look seemed obvious- Charge style Napoleonic? Possibly - so a little at a time I painted 'em up and gave them a gloss varnish- very unfashionably shiny- fine Blog that ! and no doubt an influence here
So here we see the Grenadiers- all Minot 30mm bar the Minifigs Officer. Could use some more of these- or indeed any Minot 30mm Napoleonics.
Here we see the Shiny Chasseurs- well the 1st 3 completed ones- the Officer is a Suren Murat somehat converted and - since the Chassuers were horseless I've use a mix of Stadden and Jacdaw horses. I have about another half dozen of these to do.
And here the French General - A suren figure on a Jacdaw horse. Needless to say there are Britsh too- though not so many yet- this is a very occaisional project as the mood takes me so to speak.
All Stadden here - except for the pair of wounded- Minots again. The cast flag was a painting excercise that I'd wanted to try for a while . I'm quite chuffed with the result.
Finally the british- reinforced by my only 2 Minot Highlanders are chareged by the shiny Chassuers. Oh- Shinyloo?- Its Waterloo only shinier !!


  1. Good looking lads. I have 2 30mm Minifgs, a General with map and a dismounted Hussar, an adc in my mind, that I picked up in the 70's and painted sometime in the '90s. I live in fear that they will attract friends and set me off in yet another direction!

  2. Very nice little collection, there. Perhaps candidates for the OMOG project (One Man One Gun - check out Thortrains). Don't knock hi-gloss varnish, mate: such a finish can really liven up figures. Hard to tell, here, what difference it makes, but thety sure look fine to me (for what that might be worth).

    1. Not knocking Gloss finish merely going back to it for this retro project. Until the 90s most of my collections were gloss finish

    2. Ross In addition to the chasseurs I have about 520 or so Highlanders- all Flank companies- with sporrans ! and a few light Infantry. Also 2 or 3 Footguards in the St James Palace full dress- bearskins and Gaiters.