Thursday, 6 June 2013

What a bunch of Tankers..

The Varnish still being a touch tacky on one of the companies doesn't stop me taking a photo of the finished "Harraqi" Tank battalion of 3rd Saladin Division of the Republican Guard. These are organsed roughtly for Combimned Arms which are my preferred set for post WW2 battles

 The Tanks are of course the Soviet T-72  made under licence in Iraq. Add to this lot a "Motor Rifles" - to use Russian Terminology- Battalion with BMP  and BDRM -AT and the British battle group may have a bit to cope with . Or are these pretty tanks just Apache fodder.....
We'll find out on Saturday  perhaps.


  1. I suspect simply Apache fodder my friend. Would like to come down to the show and see you guys but I'm working. Have a good time mate.

    1. Working- kniow what yopu mean- for me THIS IS WORK!!