Thursday, 20 March 2014

Fantasy and Sci- Fi are "Just another period" and more Salute info...

 I've just , in the last hour received my copy of MW no 372- The one with the Salute show guide in it. Henry opines that Salute is the most intensive shopping experience  at a European show- and he's probably right- I've been on the receiving end for over 20 years and the aching joints at the end of the show ......
  He's also touting the Perry's new  rich boys showing off book - can't blame him its his job to shift 'em  but that is one product that won't see any of my brass as I simply can't see the point of it except as a wallet- catcher.
 According to the show guide there will be 102 games at Salute of which 50 will be Historical the rest some form of Fantasy or sci-fi  so just over half  of which 29 are put on by commercial outfits compared to a bare half- dozen historical games likewise staged by commercial outfits.
 I'm not sure what that says about the Fantasy/sci-fi genre outside workshop- especially as only one game appears to be Workshop based. Yet for all this activity these 29 outfits - and doubtless others not attending can't support a non- workshop Fantasy /sci-fi Gaming magazine. Pathetic isn't it.. However there is another side to the coin-  where do they advertise- some use the mags for sure but not all by any means there are for example only 5 adverts which highlight non historical stuff in MW372- though these are all full page jobs - 2 by the same outfit.
 However what this state of affairs  does say is that historically based gaming is alive and well at the club level and is still willing to put itself about a bit and at grass roots level is not altogether in hock to the Corporate Dudes as it might appear.
 This has to be good news.
15mm Argentinian troops for the Falklands War . Available at Salute.
 As for this  not so Corporate Dude our stand is  TK21  which is at the end of a block(like last year) near the Wigmore Warriors WW1 game.
Some of the newly painte 15mm 1980/ Falklands British (Painted by Shakespear Studio . This new range will be on sale at Salute.
The plan is to take as much gear as we can fit into the van- legally-  so we are definitely taking  all the 15mm Blue moon that we have- hopefully including the NEW Seven Years War range- which should arrive here around the end of this month or a little after.. All the 15mm Command Decision both WW2 and Modern and all the Fireforce15mm Miniatures and Terrain pieces, Technicals  Irregulars weapons the lot- and of course the new Falklands range. Plus of course the Lil'Flyin' Fokkers Aircraft range.
 From Drabant we'll take everything we have both 28mm and 40mm- the new Normans are on their way to me so should land in plenty of time.
 In 10mm we'll bring most of the Gunpowder ranges but if you want Ancients or Medieval please-pre-order..
28m Sash and Saber ACW and Napoleonic
 Old Glory 28mm Definitely taking Hundred Years War, Italian Wars  Wars of Religion,  Colonials, Wars of the Roses.
We'll add other 28mm ranges if we have room I'd like to take the Crusades , AWI , Samurai, Ottoman Turks (these will almost certainly be going in the van )
Old Glory 2 nd Edition  28mm - All we have. ACW, AWI and Napoleonic..
 Sash and Saber 40mm  ACW, Dark Ages , FIW ECW 7YW.
Sash and Saber 25mm- Definitely taking  ACW - including some new items VMI  cadets and "Lightning Brigade"  as well as all the rest that we have.. Napoleonic and 7YW if we can fit them in 
 Blue moon 28mm Boxed sets- all we have Horror Gangsters, Swashbucklers (this last being the nearest to non- historicals that we do..
British Colonial Heliograph Party- Blue moon 15mm Painted by Shakespeare Studios- we'll have the whole ranges for the Sudan and the NW frontier at Salute.

Other stuff such as resin ships and buildings will depend upon how much space he have left after we have loaded this lot but there will be some at least- most notably  our 1/600th Russo- Japanese War and Pre-Dreadnought range. .

 More news as I have it chaps- see you at ExCel  on the 12th

STOP PRESS ...... 
 My last addition to my order to the USA goes off on Monday so I can take delivery in time for Salute- the order will leave that week- probably Thursday and therefore arrive the following Wednesday 2 April or thereabouts . After this weekend therefore pre-orders will be from stock in hand.


  1. I really like the style of your sculpting on the Falklands range. You are making me consider getting rid of my MJ Figures and going strictly with FrieForce. Questions: do you have any comparison pics of the Falklands figures compared to other 15mm figures like Peter Pig or QRF? Also, can we expect more Falklands releases like Argie special forces, British infantry in berets, vehicles, etc? Thanks!

    1. Vehicles (scorpion, Scimitar and the later Sabre)are alrerady at the mouldmakers.Other Vehicles- 1Tonne Landrover Pinzgauer Trucks and others are under construction
      Special forces for both sides are on the sculptors lists.
      As for size - they are a bit smaller than MJ- who are sometimes Huge- their camera crew fits in with my 20mm stuff - as for PP about the same or perhaps a little larger .can't comment on QRF as I've never held any in my hand