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Thursday 27 March 2014

Salute- Countdown is on...

So Salute is now just  over a fortnight away so we are into the final straight as it were.
 In my previous post I origonally  neglected to tell you that we WOULD be taking the 25mm Sash and Saber range. The ACW range is still growing and VMI cadets have been added as well as Union "Lightning Brigade"
Rebel Firing Line- These are Sash and Saber 25mm figures
So as a taster here is a pic of my few 25mm rebs- I tend to  play ACW in 40mm  but these are dispklay case units  often seen on our show stand.
 Landsknechts from the Old Glory  Italian Wars range.
 We'll also be taking the Italian Wars range- Landsknechts, Swiss, Italians, Spanish , as well as the Ottoman Turks and the Wars of Religion

Turkish Janissaries assault the Wall of Fort St Elmo. Old Glory figs - the Knights being represented by figures from the Wars of Religion range.
 As I looke at the picture of the assualt I'm reminded of past Salutes with customers threatening to overwhelm us threatening us mercilessly with bits of plastic and portraits of Her Maj!
 Long may it continue !!!


  1. Excellent, love the Janissaries!

  2. Those OG landsknechts are wonderful.

  3. I reckon those Confederate look a bit of all right. Like the Janissaries, too.

  4. Thanks for the kind words chaps . The Ottomans and the Italian Wars have always vbeen two of my favourite OG 28mm ranges. I don' quite have enough painted for a decent game. The Turks need some cavalryand artillery the landsknects/Imperialists some more pikemen but once the mood for the 16th century hits me again it will happen .
    Currently I'm bitten by the North West Frontier and the Sikh Wars .... of which more in a future post ...

  5. Marvelous!... love the strong contrast of colors you used on your miniatures..great!!