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Sunday 16 March 2014

New 15mm Falkland Range.

 Jez of Shakespears Studios sent me the painted versions of the newest additions to Fireforce15 Falklands war range  so I thought I'd take a couple of group pics
 There are now the following packs in the range  to be officialllty  released at Salute.

British Forces.

FFB1 Infantry with SLR. £4.50
4 poses  12 figs
FFB2 Command £4.50
4 poses- Officer in beret SMG x3
NCO Helmet SMG  x3
Radio Operator x3
NCO Rifle- telescopic sight. x3

FFB3 Weapons. £4.50
Prone GPMG-light role.x3
 GPMG No 2 x3
 Prone rifleman SLR .x3
 Kneeling 66mm launcher. X3
FFB4 81mm Mortars £4.50
3 Mortars and 6 crew.
FFB5 Milan Launchers and crew. £3.00
3 2 man teams
FFB7 Command pack 2 £4.50
 Kneeling Officer with map x3
Crouching NCO , SMG x3
Kneeling Radio Op. SMG x3
Prone Sniper x3

FFA1 Infantry Riflemen. £4.50
4 poses
FFA2 Command.
Senior officer  Binoculars x3
 Radio man – walkie talkie x3
Junior officer standing x3
 NCO waving x3
FFA3 Weapons £4.50
Prone LMG x3
 LMG no 2 x3
Prone Rifleman x3
Kneeling  with Rifle Grenadex3
FFA4 .50 cal and Crew. £4.50
3  guns and crews -9pcs
FFA5 81mm Mortar and crew. £4.50
3 Mortars and 6 crew 

 We've corrected a coupler of earlier errors and added a new alternative  Command set for the Brits  including the Army's most terryifying weapon- an Officer with a map ! 
 Both sides now have 81mm Mortars and the Argentinians have a 50cal and crew- the Britis Milan 1
 So far the range consists of 37 different figures.


  1. Oh great, I needed a new period.

  2. The Brits will also do the business for BAOR of the same period. Vehicles are on the way- currently 2 different landrovers are out with more to fiollow and Scorpion, Scimitar and Sabre have all gone off the the Mouldmakers- these will appear in the CDMV range. Other vehicles for the British army of the 80s and 90s are on the drawing board

  3. The first 11 figure packs are now all up on the OGUK website

  4. We've now added special forces for both sides in this range - eight new figures

  5. Depending on how accurate you want your stuff to be, be very wary of the following items, British mortars are inaccurate and do not depict the correct mortar for the Falklands let alone the army of the 70's onwards. The Argentine .50cal is completely wrong, it is depicted on a tripod with a ammo box attached (He used the .50 cal off his vehicle range as a short cut), a) the tripod is back to front, b) the ammo box can not fit to the side of the gun when on its tripod, it needs to be on the m53 AA mount to do that. So avoid those two packs at all costs, also just a minor point the Milan guy is about to loose his legs when he fires it. Point these errors out to the guy who not only sells them but sculpts them and he says Why should I care, A mortar is a mortar and a machine gun is a machine gun. I could use a word to describe him here, but he wont be getting my money again no mater what, rather prefer MJ figures.

  6. Really nice job mate! Do you ship to Argentina?