Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Culinary Delights.

There are other things in life besides Wargaming and selling soldiers to chaps across the globe- this last week for instance its been Spain Canada, Finland and the Russian Federation  ,Oh and Italy  but there are times when Carole and I get sick of the little lead gits and hie ourselves off to  somewhere else. Usually our favourite Watering hole.
 The Causey Arch Inn.
 This is a fine hostelry- not as pretentious as some I've frequented-  those that  call themselves "Gatropubs"  and while the food may I say only may be OK the   air of "Pretentious? Moi?"  of the staff and some Clientele is not .

 So to the Causey Arch Inn-  Splendid place  with a strong farming based set of regulars. Indeed the place is owned by a farming family so all the produce is farm assured- even the game. On those occasions when Venison is available I can tell you within 3 or 4 blokes who shot it and where it came from.
 Now don't get me wrong here the Causey Arch is  not simply a farmers  pub- the Food is cracking too but the Chef- Michael  has managed an unpretentious "Bistro style "of cooking and presentation that Carole and I love. . This is more than "pub-grub"  but avoids the baggage of the "Gastropub" . Equally if you want simple food the standard menu- Steaks , Burgers Chicken and a veggie option amongst others  are all there ,freshly prepared. But Keep and eye on the Specials board- changed weekly -for here often lies treasure. In the recent past Carole and I have had a most superb Risotto, some excellent Salmon and a Lamb stew of pure quality. To say nothing of  sundry Steaks and Bangers and Mash(sauages from the Farm of course) and a cracking lasagna that have passed my lips. Real ale is also there for those of us with a palate- Usually 3 different local brews all of exceeding quaffability
 Check out the website

I've never so- far sampled the live music  but chaps who have love it . Me I go there for the Beer the Food and the laughs
 Highly reccomended.


  1. Afternoon Andy,
    Try the Black Bull in Frosterly for good beer, atmosphere and venison.
    I would also recommend a trip to the refurbished Lord Crewe Arms, the beer was top notch and there is history all over the village of Blanchland if you know what I mean.
    By the way, if you do buy those figures you are negotiating for, sell me one.
    Thanks cheekily, Robbie.

    1. Robbie - Its been a good while since I was up Frosterly way but I do remeber the Black Bull .
      I'd also recommend the Black Bull in Corbridge- spelndid pub .

  2. Did you ever go in The Elburton Inn??

    1. Doesn't ring a bell offhand but then its been a few years since I was out that way ....