Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Pretty 15mm Moderns .

 I Have this morning received a package from Jez at Shakespear studios-  a fine painting service this  containing  painted examples of the latest 3 packs of my Firfore15mm range
  t So we have the 2 packs of Falklands war special forces- British and Argentinian and a command group for the Rhodesian Troopies.
The Falklands Brits will of course do for 1980s cold war scenarios too - which may be on the cards since I've just acquired a copy of Cold War Commander- nice looking ruleset- first impressions are that it may be a tad "gamey"("organisations "are based around the points system rather than the actuality or instance  )  for my taste but it does contain some neat little ideas. and may flow better in larger games than say  tank wreak or even Combined Arms- watch this space.
 However back to the plot  here without further comment are the pics of the new figures- all available from the OGUK website.
I'm talking to Him over there !

British  Special forces Falklands War

Argentinian "Buzo Tactico- or cdo 601 or 602

Command for the two packs of Rhodesian troopies already released.
I'll have packs of all of these plus the rest of the fireforce range at  Border Reiver this Saturday and Partizan on Sunday.