Saturday, 13 February 2016

Superb Spanish Stuff !!

The following group of photographs were sent to me by Gregorio Salas of La Flecha Negra in Madrid One of Spains premier wargames amd model soldier shops. They do being gentlemen of taste and refinement stock Old Glory Command Decision and Blue Moon in depth. The photos show their take on some of Old Glory's 28mm product. . The two photos of the pirate ship- OGP38 I think but  I could be mistaken are expecially impressive- the crew are a mixture of our Pirates and our ECW range.
These are from our Landskhects- in the Italian Wars range.
I'm really impressed with the sails and rigging here.
Superb work this- some chap has the patience of a saint.
Spanish troops of the 17th century from our ECW range.

Gun Deck of the ship. The crew are a mixture of  figures from our pirate range and our ECW range . Excellent stuff. 

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