Wednesday, 10 August 2016

A short break from the shine !

 Aside from my retro "shinyloo" project  I've not done a great deal of painting recenttly as work keeps getting in the way.
 However I have managed a couple of additions to my 15mm Modern forces
A British army  Supacat "Jackal" in 15mm- crew from the WMIK crew pack.
The Jackal will join the "69 Codo Royal Marines battle group" in their continuing campaigns to oust  "The Great Leader". Both vehicle and crew are Old Glory products.
M-48 Tanks. Painted as Pakistani vehicles- hence the lower tracks in mud which Pakistani crews used to paint on the lower part of their tanks.

The 3 M-48 in Pakistani trim may appear as part of the "Free R'gheidistan Army" as rumour has it that the T' urds (or maybe the Dr'egs) are in revolt against IZAL However more painting needs to be done to prove the truth of this currently unfounded rumour.

On a somewhat different note with the recent Brexit furore I've been asked more than once about price rises. My answer is mixed, frankly. I'd rather not put my prices up unless I absolutely have to.  Some prices have edged up recently  by a quid or even less - but for most ranges  it was the first rise in 5 years or more.
 All I can say with certainty is that I will keep any rises to a minimum and that it will depend upon how incompetant out Government gets over this whole farrago of stupidity.


  1. Thanks Barks. I have a Coyote on the painting table but it needs more work.
    Also hope to be taking delivery of more modern vehicle masters soon. If all goes to plan there should be 5 more British vehicles added to the CDMV range plus A.N. Other- not British.
    Already out there is a big bundle of new American kit- mostly M-60 and M-109 variants-. Of course the British use some of the M-109 types so I'll be adding a Royal Artillery battery to the Battle Group.