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Wednesday 17 August 2016

Dark Age Welsh Wizardry in 40mm

 The lads at the Penarth wargames club in south Wales  do some cracking games. Their latest in 40mm(though not their first in this size) is a Dark Ages game with which they won an assortment of trophies at  the Boving show- Battlegroup South.
 I eschew all further comment but let the photos by Glyn Williams one of their stalwarts tell their own story. Personally I think it is a fine looking game. Well done Lads.

All the figures are Sash and Saber 40mm Dark Ages range
The game seems to have attracted a bundle of assorted silverware !!

And here we see the "proud fathers!"


  1. Attractive yet practical and lauded, all is not yet lost.

    1. Ross Agreed- This club know their business.

  2. A really nice game and using 40mm to boot.