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Tuesday 7 August 2012

A slight breather... maybe

Now Claymore is done and dusted for this year- A good evemnt best for a couple of years- I can start to think about other stuff for a bit. I want to get moving with my 15mm Bushfire Wars project indeed all the 15mm post WW2/Modern stuff needs a good sorting out from the bits and pices of display stuff. The whole period needs a good organising. I have a respectable "Fireforce" 4 Aloette Helicopters a Lynx ground attack aircraft and a dozen troopies but so far haven't paionted a single fig for the opposition. I really am going to have to ressurrect the Peoples Democratic Republic of Zingola circa 1978 but to be honest its hard to find the time. I fit in the odd hour here or there between running my business and being an unpaid government bookeeper and Tax collector or as its put these days "running your own business". I once worked out that for every hour I spend selling soldiers I spend another 30 minutes farting about with paperwork so Dave and His Rich Mates - or as it was the Tone and HIS rich mates could slip all the profits into their already overlarge wallets. We are repeatedly told "we are all in this together!" which is a best a downright lie and at worst the most utterly patronising piece of self serving arse gravy I've encountered for some time. We all know how to tell if a politician is lying- his lips are moving and noise comes forth but the complete and utter lack of connection to the electorate of the average arrogant slimy career political apparatchik still amazes me. Ah well I you can't take a joke... I've also got to do more 40mm ECW. The 28mm got a few new units recently and thesde will get an outing at the next TWATS meeting later this month. Not sure what the scenario will be... not that I'd say as you wouldn't want the players to know beforehand now would you?

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