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Tuesday 28 August 2012

More Moderns...

My current fascination with Modern Warfare and Wargaming continues more or less apace. I've posted pics on TMP -v as part of a notice about the coming weekends shows but here are some others.
Here is a pic of a Warrior IFV Technically its the W.R.A.P. variant - ie Warrior reactive Armour Package- but I didn't put all of the extra armour on this one as I wanted it for a few years prior to WRAP availability. I've stowed it up a bit with items from the CD stowage pack and put on the Turret armour which may not be quite the thing for accuaracy but to be honest I'm still learning about this stuff.
This picture shows the first of the compleated Iraqis. A pair of T-72 no less. I'll need a good few more of these I think . As it happens just after I painted these I found a pretty indepth article about Iraqi vehicle markings. Now once I work out the system I'll mark these up properly.
Currently I'm awaiting a shipment from the USA due to arrive today- so any new stuff it contains will be taken to the coming weekend shows. Hope to see you there gentle reader !


  1. I do like the finish on those AFVs. Very nice!

  2. Thanks Ion its basically thin almost dry brushing- but wetter- and inks then varnishing just as I would figures.