Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Further thoughts on Al- Kahol

Well I could do with a pint for a start.... So here are a few more picture of the game - placed at random.

Obviously I need a pint - this pic is sideways... Hmmmmm.

As I metioned previously we use Combined Arms for our modern games with the appropriate amendments and weapons stats from CPQ magazine. - though I've heard good reports about a set called Cold War Commader - never had my hands on a copy though and never seen a copy at shows- mind you I havn't really looked.

The Jungly bits are by the "Tree Fellas". I've mentioned them before and  can't  reccommend their stuff  too highly. Its the business and won't cost you and arm or leg

The final pic is an aerila shot near the end of the action . There will be more modern games perhaps I may even paint up some stuff for 1980s Inner German Border....


  1. The terrain in these pics is very nice. I like the Oil Depot thingy in particular - looks the part without being overwhelming.

    1. I actually startedv out wanting a storage tank- but it was just too large- found the depot on ebay- the fencing from my local model railway shop where I also found the Highway and the telegraph poles. - Useful stuff...