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Wednesday 2 October 2013

First Falklands Figs- painted.

It's been a dammned hectic couple of weeks what with Donnington - now been and gone- fine event- and lots of Mail order to catch up with- getting there but still a few days behindhand. Couple that with the inevitable ton of bloody paperwork- mostly to satisfy Dave and his Rich Mates and its a wonder I ever get any sleep - let alone  paint any soldiers- I've had a 30mm French Guard Horse artillery Gun and crew 90% done for the last  fortnight and all I've manged to do was finish some dammable GW wingy- thingies for a relative- of which more in another post
 So  imagine my delight Gentle Reader when on Sunday at Donnington - up pops Jez Griffin of Shakespeare studios with these little darlings .
British Infantry- Falklands War- 15mm Painted by Jez Griffin.

Argentine Infantry- Falklands War- painted by Jez Griffin.
Up to Jez's usual fine standard.. I do like these.
 I'll be releaseing the first two packs of basic riflemen  as soon as I can. More figures-  a prone pack for each side with LMG and sniper and a command pack. Also a British Mortar and Argentine 50cal  with crews. Other models- Milan for the Brits 105mm Gunners and possibly Special Forces for both sides will follow..
 The Brits of course will also do for BAOR "Cold War Goes Hot"  Type scenarios.
Appropriate vehicles are also in the pipeline. and perhaps an aircraft or two.


  1. Very nice looking figures. I like the look of the tussocky grasslands that I would associate with certain climes. I have no doubt a good deal of the Falklands do look like that, just as does some up-country parts of New Zealand.

  2. The two basic packs if rifles will go up on the site in the nerxt couple of days then another 6 packs- 3 each side before Crimbo with luck . Then after that others as I sort them out.