Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Shine on shine on....

Finally finished some more shiny dudes. So here are a few pictures.
Shiny French Guard Horse artillery- Crew Stadden30mm Gun Hincliffe. Note- the lad at the front seems to be having bother getting it in straight.

Capitane Laglosse- about to stick his telescope in his eye !

Almost a unit - Stadden 30mm with a couple of Minot .
Its been a while since I've added anything to the intermittant "Shinyloo" retro project but I've managed a few figures over the last few weeks- though it seemed I'd never fuinish those Horse artillery what with all the other stuff going on at the same time. I wouldn't mind but I've now aquired a fair collection of old 30mm Napoleonics for this project so we'll see where it leads . Cavalry next I think- but other stuff in other periods and scales first.


  1. Le beau Capitaine looks pretty spiffing, does he not? You can imagine his brazen rasp as he admonishes the lad with the rammer:
    'Sacre nom de dix-mille chiens - get it in straight, imbecile! Les demoiselles of Paris will not be impressed by one who can't get in in straight...!

    I'm impressed with the flag, too. One of the reasons I use paper flags is I could never paint cast flags well...

    1. Ion- Exactly- it's what comes of crossing Brigadier Gerard with Carry on - Don't lose your head!
      I enjoy the challenge of cast flags- but not too often and only on "retro" projects . Normally I use paper or get John the Flag to do me some in cloth.

  2. Lovely paint job! The gloss really does not matter at all as long as you are consistent with your army. The figures are markers - albeit artistic ones - and what they look like ought to depend on their owner - you.

    1. Gloss or matt depends upon the project- this project is deliberately retro- though better done than I could have done in the 70s.
      for "Modern" projects of whatever period I tend to use matt finish- I can't bear the thought of shiny Tanks for instance.