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Monday, 21 October 2013

Patience is a virtue... NOT

There are times- few and far between- when this game gets right up my nose. Just recently its been pretty bad in this regard.
Like most chaps I work five to -six days a week. More if I've got a show on . Five if I can get away with it - usually five and a half. EU directives mean nothing  35 hours- that'll get me to Thursday morning in a bad week- and that's starting Monday. So far this month - its the 21st  I've worked 21 days- now not the full 8 hour shift  every day its true. I did manage an afternoon off  earlier in the month and most of the last two Sundays off and I didn't do a massive amount last Saturday- I was playing a wargame- (Shock Horror ) but at the very least I have to check overnight emails and run off any orders on my temperamental printer every day otherwise the queue can gwet a bit long and the amount of emails I have to deal with a bit  tedious..
 Nevertheless deswpite the hours my wife and myself put in its not enough for some. The number of very impatient dudes is rising steadily. I blame Amazon and their Ilk- You know,  big outfit, mail order , several warehouses couple of thousand emplyees, 24 hour delivery  if you are lucky.
 Now increasingly chaps are expecting the same service from  me and my wife and 1 stockroom and the local post office. - But Don't expect to pay for it.and don't understand  the idea of the queue or that other chaps buy stuiff too.. Now these chaps are a tiny minority the vast majority understand how this wiorks but when a fella in France orders his gear on a thursday and is asking where it is the next tuesday  I get a bit vexed or a fella orders wednesday and is giving me earache monday morning its a tad extreme. There always seems to be an assumption that THEY are the ONLY customer.
 Now as a general rules we'll try to get stuff out within 72 hours- can't be more precise than that as it depend when in a given week so stuff ordered over the weekend- thats Friday to Sunday will usually go out Tuesday buit if we are busy it may take a lttle longer- you can only pull  proceess and wrap so many orders a day as well as answering enquires - fending off bloody silly cold calls (THAT takes more time than it should ( how many times a day do I have to say **** off) Others will often go out Thursday but again it depends on how big the queue is and what ever else needs to be done. For instance- this afternoon its photos and copywriting for my next magazine advert- 2-3 hours -  if I'm lucky
 The age of instajnt communications is not all  whine and roses ( I choose my words carefully) Just because its on the internetand you can see it instantly  doesn't mean  I can Star -Trek like beam it into you postbox instantly. In the old days chaps would wait at least a week to 10 days before calling- most still do  but sometime you just wonder about the decline of patience...
 Mind you as always If I can't take a joke I shouldn't have joined.....


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  2. I posted a comment but as you didn't respond immediately I have taken the huff and removed it. The customer service on this blog is rubbish.

  3. I am afraid my expectations are way out of kilter with the modern world. I started ordering when they said allow 28 days for delivery and they meant it. Mini Figs boasted they would send your order out within 24 hours but omitted to mention that they would only send you what was to hand and a pointless credit note for the remainder. And would you ever get an earful should you try and ring at anyones home telephone number (and they all were.)

    I don't want to go back to those days but we're not talking Red Cross parcels for starving children here. Get my toys through inside a fortnight or give reason why not and I am happy enough.


    1. John Like you I remember credit notes and 3-4 weeks delivery time as normal 6 to 8 weeks if your ordered from the USA And No we don't want to go back to those days but there are chaps out there who think 48 hours is too long to wait and that includes travelling time.
      Now I always reckon that if I haven't sent 'em out in a working week then I either haven't got 'em in stock - so I either have to make them or far more likely order them up with my next re-stock order from the USA. Chaps want to be on the blower bending my ear, The cases I cite however are becoming less and less remarkable and thats my point. My wife Caroles packaging arms go like bees wings as it is when we are busy brown sticky tape flies in all directions
      There are of course those other chaps who wait too long as well- again rare because the PO doesn't lose that many but they do lose someand frankly complaining to them is often a waste of time but they make you wait 6 weeks before a packet is declared lost. Having said that a lost packet has just come back to me from France and last year a German customer got his 3 weeks late as they had sent it via Jamaica(Honest) and on Saturday a packet was returned as 2incomplete address" - with nothing at all wrong with said address.
      Sometimes you do wonder....

  4. Being a bot long in the tooth myself, I fail to see what all the rush is for. Aside from the 'good old days', the longest I can remember having to wait for some figures over the past several years is about a fortnight and I can't say I was too cut up about that. You recently sent me some of the new Blue Moon Napoleonic cavalry within the week - thanks!

    That haven of tolerance PMT often carries posts from the impatient ones and they make me cringe. If they can't grasp the concept of the 'test of reasonableness' (actual commercial term) then there are three immediate options:1. learn how to plan; 2. study Taoism or maybe Zen; 3. 'kin grow up!

    Sometimes wargamers give me the screamers.

    1. Gary its not only wargamers- this is a world wide malady- well "developed world wide malady" anyhow. My wife- one time fashion industry worker had the same problems- I want it now but don't let the husband know.....